Tools used to assemble frames.

Winter is Box Building Season

Have you ever needed to throw a super on a hive, only to find you were out of frames? Or have you wanted to split a hive, but didn’t have enough hive components to do so?

If so, you are not alone. At the height of the season, it’s not unusual to see customers rushing into Hoopers Creek Bee Company to pick up some frames or a couple of hive bodies at the last minute. Beekeeping is busy enough in the spring. If you plan ahead, you can spare yourself the rush by having all the equipment you need on hand.

Planning Ahead

Why not use the winter to evaluate the resources you used last year and determine what, if any, new supplies or equipment you might need in 2023?

While assembling hive bodies and frames is a great indoor chore for beekeepers during the winter months, you should also check your other hive components. If you are adding hive bodies, make sure you have sufficient bottom boards, covers, lids, queen excluders, and feeders.

We know one beekeeper who expected to harvest 80 pounds of honey. He ended up splitting his two hives that spring and harvested 240 pounds by the time the season was over. He needed more medium supers, more frames with foundation, an additional 5-gallon pail and lots of honey jars and bottles.