Amish Woodenware

Amish-Made Woodenware

People who buy our woodenware often become long-term customers.  Why?  Because they recognize the quality of the premium Amish-made hive bodies, lids, bottom boards and other woodenware we sell. 

The Amish have a reputation for high-quality workmanship.  They take pride in their work, even when they are building “just” a beehive, and it shows.  Not only are the boxes made with care, they use high-grade wood that is surprisingly blemish free.  Buy an Amish-made hive from Hoopers Creek Bee Company – or just pick one up and see how solid it is – and we think you’ll agree these are the best hives on the market. 

When we were new beekeepers, we set about looking for better hives bodies and supers than we were finding locally or via the big mail order dealers.  We expanded our search far and wide before we finally found our providers deep in Amish country.  We are proud to share our find and offer Amish workmanship in all the woodenware we sell.

High Inventory Levels

We strive to maintain high inventory levels on all our woodenware.  Whether you need one hive body or fifty, chances are, we can accommodate you.  Contact us to check inventory levels or to arrange a time to pick up your order.

And while you are at it, don’t forget to pick up some Acorn brand foundation.