The Hoopers Creek Bee Company Story

A Family Business

The Hoopers Creek Team at the 2023 Hive Life Conference & Trade Show

Hoopers Creek Bee Company is a family owned and operated beekeeping supply store in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina, just South of Asheville.  The family includes Jon and Claudia, who were high school sweethearts before they got married, and their two daughters, Carla and V.  Here is their story:

In 2017, we moved our growing family from Fletcher, N.C., to a more rural setting in nearby Hoopers Creek.  The following spring, Jon and Carla purchased a couple of nucs, and the beekeeping began.  Claudia became interested and joined them in caring for the bees.  The bees prospered, and by splitting the colonies we built the bee yard up to 14 hives.

Unfortunately, our initial success didn’t last.  Our inexperience cost us, and all 14 hives were dead by mid-December.  This was terribly upsetting, and we vowed never to let something like that happen again.  Jon spent the winter studying, learning everything he could about beekeeping, including proper nutrition, mite control, and how to overwinter bees.

In 2019, we again purchased two nucs and applied Jon’s new knowledge to beekeeping, this time with much greater success.  In fact, not only did our hives survive the winter, but we had a surplus of bees the following spring and decided to sell some nucs.  That initial sale was the beginning of Hoopers Creek Bee Company.

Today, just a few years later, we manage several hundred colonies and sell over-wintered nucs, spring nucs, local bees, and delicious raw honey.

As our beekeeping operation grew, we searched near and far for a supplier of quality woodenware.  After much testing and evaluation, we selected an Amish supplier that makes high-quality hive boxes, supers and other wooden hive components.  We are proud to offer for sale to you the same Amish-made beehives and equipment that we use.

We understand the challenges and needs you have as a beekeeper because we are beekeepers.  We hope to see you soon,

Jon, Claudia, Carla and V