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Deposit for Over-Wintered Nucleus Colonies – For Pickup in March 2024

Order your five-frame over-wintered nucs now to ensure you are guaranteed an overwintered nuc.  You  MUST place your order online to reserve your spot.


See specifics below.


Out of stock

These nucs were given mated queens the summer of 2023 and are made up of bees from our apiaries.  They have over-wintered in our apiaries in the Appalachian Mountains around Asheville.


Each five-frame nuc will be delivered in a plastic Pro-Nuc, Jester, or similar box and includes:

  • 5 frames, which may include wood and/or plastic.
  • At least three of the frames will have brood in various stages (eggs, larvae and capped brood).
  • An established, laying, overwintered survivor queen, mated last summer.
  • 1 frame of food, usually with honey and pollen.
  • 1 frame of foundation to accommodate growth.  These colonies are growing rapidly, and we strongly recommend you move them into equipment with more room within a few days of purchase or they will begin to make swarm cells.


As of now, these nucs are to be picked up at our store March 30th. However, this is dependent upon the weather and delivery times may change.  We will email and/or call you in March to confirm pickup date and location.

Again, theses nucs cannot be shipped.  YOU must pick them up at our store location, which is 11 Business Park Circle in Arden, NC, at a scheduled appointment.

Please note these important terms that apply to the sale of our nucs:

  • You may cancel your order and receive a full refund prior to March 1, 2024.
  • Any order cancelled after on or after March 1 will be refunded, subject to a 25% cancellation fee.
  • If you do not pick your order up on your scheduled delivery day, your nuc will be given to the next customer in line and you will not be refunded.  Your order will move to the back of the line and you will be given another nuc at a later time.



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